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Le-Renzo provides an extensive array of products to Commercial, Financial and Hospitality industries, and High-end Residential Buildings.

Our performance platforms, used with sleek profiles, allows the versatility to accommodate large formats while maintaining consistent flush appearances. This enables us to achieve and sustain business processes, greater efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness.

All suites are completely integrated and interchangeable, allowing design consultants with the opportunity to be totally creative with their design concepts.

Le-Renzo has successfully diversified and regionalized its operation beyond Singapore into China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and Malaysia.

Le-Renzo is more than an innovative company. Our business strategies are built upon the principles of trust and providing excellent service to our customers. By understanding and respecting their needs, we foster and nurture long-term working relationships with them; which in turn, make both parties successful.

Our company believes that a magnificent architecture is built by 3 groups of passionate, talented and skilful people - the Visionary, the Architect and the Fulfiller. The Visionary can have boundless imagination about how the future will look like; but his vision or concept can only be actualized by the Architect's design and planning.

Le-Renzo, in the Japanese language, means the 'third link' or 'third person'. We portray ourselves as the Fulfiller (the third person) to fulfil the Visionary's concept and the Architect's design.

This is how a magnificent architecture is built, in line with our beliefs.


Our Projects
Acoustic Wall Finishing

LE-RENZO provides a wide range of acoustical stretched fabric wall, acoustic wooden system paneling and ceiling installations suitable for environments with modernized designs.

Double Glazed System Partitions

At LE-RENZO, we also provide Double glazed system partitioning STC from 41 to 45 db.

Window & Blind System

As one of Singapore's top soft furnishings' companies, we give you an array of acoustic windows and blind designs to complement the décor of your modern high end residential space.

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